Pan-fried sardines marinated with coarse sea salt

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July 7, 2009
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Fresh SARDINES is one of the natural deep sea fish high in protein, omega 3 fatty acids and calcium. Regular consumption of omega 3 fatty acids has been known to help facilitate normal growth, maintain a healthy heart and assists in the functions of our nervous systems.

This particular polyunsaturated fatty acid cannot be manufactured by our body and has to be consumed. It can also be found in other deep sea fishes i.e. salmon, mackerel, tuna and trout. Here are some good news for those who do not enjoy eating fish, omega 3 fatty acids can also be found in walnuts, dark green leafy vegetable and brazil nuts.


4 medium size fresh sardines (10″ length), gutted and cleaned.
1 Tbsp coarse sea salt
grapeseed oil
4 – 6 fresh lime

Chili dipping sauce

8 dried chili (soaked in hot water, seeds removed)
5 red bird eye chilis (seeds removed)
3 large red chilis (seeds removed)
5 cloves garlic (skin removed)


  1. Marinade the sardines with coarse sea salt for 4 hours. Do not rinse off the salt.
  2. Blend all the dipping sauce ingredients finely. Heat up a non-stick saucepan with grapeseed oil and fry the blended paste until fragrant. Add a little sugar, stir and cut off heat. Dish out in small dipping sauce bowls. Press lime juice over the chili dipping sauce before serving.
  3. Heat up a large non-stick frying pan, drizzle in a generous amount of grapeseed oil.
  4. Slowly lower the fish into the heated pan, two at a time (depending how big is your pan). Cover partially with a lid to avoid oil splatter. Lower the heat down one notch in order for the fish to brown evenly and not burn. Slowly, with a heat resistant spatula, turn the fish over carefully so that the skin does not tear. When turning, if the skin comes off, will mean the fish has not properly been seared on its side or the fish is not very fresh to begin with. Repeat the same process for the other side of the fish.
  5. Dish out on a platter and serve with chili dipping sauce topped with lime juice. More lime juice can be used if preferred.

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