Malaysian Tapas

Malaysian Tapas‘ is kind of like my serendipity in life.

This journey was both exhilarating and lonely. To start with, I had no team. I had to do everything pretty much on my own. From recipe selection to prop hunting, marketing, preparation, cooking, styling, photographing and photo editing. I often bounced ideas off myself, and now thinking back, is almost hilarious.

My husband and family are tremendously supportive, my 7 year old son whispered to me one night before going to bed, “Mommy, when I grown up, I want to be a food photographer like you” **melts** Amidst all the shortcomings of trying to be a good parent, I think I must have done something right here.

After all the hard work, I can now step back, exhale and enjoy the great memories made throughout the making of this very special cookbook.