one pot dish

July 8, 2010

Malaysian Braised Pig Trotter

This can be passed as a one pot dish and not only does it taste great, it's high on collagen too. Great and fuss free way to braise a pig trotter.
August 14, 2011

Stir-fry Chicken with leeks

All that I have today and all I can do belongs to the Lord including all my recipe posts and photographs that comes with each post. Prayerfully you are all blessed by the recipes and do keep on trying them to keep the recipes alive for our children and grand children and many more generations to come.
August 30, 2012

Baby Pork Spareribs Cabbage soup

Soft pork spareribs are also know as baby back ribs, it is the part of the ribs of pork with the whitish tender bones thus I call them 'soft bones'. These parts of the ribs can be steamed, grilled, roasted and braised. They are tender and full of flavour.