September 9, 2006

Wholemeal French Toast

French toast has been a favourite in my home for as long as I can recall. If I have slices of thick lovely bread, when I dip into the egg batter and pan fry it to perfection and coats it with sugar, just makes my day.
December 11, 2009

Mini Milky Pancakes

I have not been diligently making pancakes for breakfast, but of late, my children were craving for some, especially my daughter. Lazy breakfast mornings are a hit during school holidays, so we whipped up some lovely milky ones for a cool rainy morning. You may add dried fruits, chopped nuts, muesli or herbs into the pancakes if you like.
May 8, 2010

Basic Crepes

Happy Mother's day to all mothers out there. Amidst going through the same motion of cleaning, cooking, washing, marketing blah blah blah, you are blessed because children are a gift from God. I do admit, some children are easier to handle than others but God knows each and every one of our strength. My children are a visual reminder of God's faithfulness in my life and I believe yours are too. God bless you all!
April 7, 2011

Homemade sweet buns

Bread. My family loves bread. As for me, I do eat but not exactly excited over it. Bread is my daughter's staple lunch in school. She can eat bread everyday and still looks forward to it. She should be so excited if we are living in France and maybe I can hang up my pan and write more often. Bread and cheese, uncomplicated way to eat. Whenever my bread comes out from the oven, it's usually the crust that disappears first. I do admit the aroma is wonderful and inviting.