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March 21, 2013
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March 24, 2013

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Never thought this simple brew was so effective in getting rid of phlegm. Must share this little wonder-brew with you especially when you have children prone to the common flu.
This is not a flu remedy but it definitely rids the phlegm factor in the beginning stage of the common cold and the tail end of it. Sometimes, the irritating phlegm causes unnecessary hurling in young children (above 1 yrs old) when they don’t know how to cough it out. Worst scenario is when they just drank their milk. I shall leave it up to your imagination!

This remedy is easy to prepare and works pretty well, All you need is 30 dark red grapes of any kind. The darker the skin the better. 5 slices of ‘kam choe’. Sorry I don’t know what it’s called in the English  language or any other language but refer to my photo for visual. Can be purchase from most Chinese Medical Halls or herbal shops.


1.5 litre of filtered water
30 dark red skin grapes (seed or seedless does not matter) – wash thoroughly and slice into half. 5 slices of ‘kam choe’


Bring to boil together and simmer for 1 hour. The liquid will then look like Chinese tea with a slight tinge of redness. Pour and drink. Pleasant to the taste buds. This can be repeated for a period of 3-5 days continuously.


  1. Audrey Cooks says:

    Hello there! This is a nice website. Well done!

  2. denise says:

    the “kam choe” is liquorice in english

  3. annaline says:

    hi there!
    is this ok for pregnant ladies?

  4. Jenn says:

    Hi there,
    ‘kam choe’ is liquorice bark, also known as 甘草 (GāncÇŽo). In Taiwan, you can find packets of these in the grocery stores. Beware tho’ in Chinese medicine liquorice is used to REDUCE male libido! :-O

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