‘One Pot’ Meal

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This is a dish from one of my many lazy day meals. Trying to relieve myself from the kitchen to concentrate on some more important issues like my daughter’s desire to re-model her room. It’s a great step for a 5 year old to migrate into her own room without making a fuss.

Or could it be my son, giving her sleepless nights when he wakes up for his feed in the middle of the night. Well the truth is still yet to be revealed.

Deciding on the colour of the walls alone is a pretty difficult task for a little girl. Pink or Purple??? Purple or Pink?? Mom! I want both. Anyway before I get carried away … that’s why I have ‘one pot’ meals.

serves 3

Chicken Stock Ingredients

1/2 free range chicken
1 piece of old ginger (2″) – smashed
5 cloves garlic (with skin intact, washed)
2 litres filtered water

Ingredients for the one pot

15 ‘middle range’ sea prawns (deveined, shells removed leaving the tail)
wood fungus (soaked, hard core removed, cut into bite-size pieces)
2 spring onions (cut into 2″ length)
1 carrots (roughly cut)
2 firm tofu (cubed)
2 pac enoki mushrooms (lower ends removed)
9 tofu puffs (cut into 2 and blanche)
200 gm baby spinach (washed and plucked into short sprigs)
200 gm chinese cabbage (torn into bite size pieces)
30 gm glass noodles
sea salt
garlic oil


  1. Prepared the chicken stock by boiling in a stock pot over low heat for 1 hour. Strain the stock into a claypot. Place claypot on the heat.
  2. Put in the carrots, tofu puffs, wood fungus, tofu, prawns, chinese cabbage, enoki, spring onions, baby spinach and glass noodles. Simmer for 5 minutes. Try to put these ingredients in this order so that the root vegetable cooks for a longer period of time and the prawns does not over cook.
  3. Add sea salt to taste and 2 tablespoons of garlic oil to garnish.

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