Mom’s Chili Tau Chu Crabs

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August 20, 2006
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August 31, 2006
School holiday is finally over. Life goes back to normal. Had a break from cooking for 1 whole week. Don’t really know how I survived but I guess mommy needs a break too. I often feel there is so much to do but so little time. I wonder how many of you feel that way too. Sigh!

My mom cooked this dish, not me. Still having a hangover from ‘not cooking’. Mom knows we love crabs, she saw some live ones at the fresh market today and carted some home. God bless you, Mom!

I will skip the murdering part and get straight to the recipe.

6 crabs (cleaned and chopped into half)
Spices to be blended

5 large red chilies
1 piece ginger (1″ length)
2 Tbsp tau chu (fermented soya beans)
3 cloves garlic



  1. Heat some oil in a wok and saute all the blended ingredients till fragrant.
  2. Next, add a little hot water to the simmering gravy.
  3. Add a dash of dark soy sauce to color and salt to taste.
  4. Put in the crabs and stir till cooked.

Simple but finger licking good!


  1. Gracio says:

    Audrey, Im hungry! this looks really really superly good!! 😉

  2. gosh!!!! I am salivating now….. i love crabs and this definitely will start my craving. hehehe

  3. Audrey Cooks says:

    Grace … can u get this type of fresh crabs at where you stay?

    Edith … he he he I’m over mine. Overdose lah!

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