Honey Baked Ham and Mozarella Cheese Starter

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April 4, 2008
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April 16, 2008

I hosted a casual dinner get-together for some family members just the other day. Since all of us were so busy with our tight schedules, we hardly had any time to meet up. Since everyone had to eat sometime or another, what could be a better time than Dinner.

I wanted something easy to make and tasty to gobble for a starter so here’s my ‘idiot proof’ appetizer.

10 thinly sliced honey baked ham
Danish Mozzarella cheese (I did not use Italian mozzarella since there was a call back)
some wild rocket leaves or fresh dill


  1. Find a clean and dry place to organise your ingredients. Wash your hands thoroughly since this requires finger-handling.
  2. Slice ham into 2 equal portions (20 pieces)
  3. Cut mozzarella cheese into 2″ long and 2/3″ wide sticks. Place 1 stick at the end of each slice of ham.
  4. Place a rocket leaf or a sprig of fresh dill on the cheese and gently roll them together. Place them on a serving dish or keep refrigerated if served later.

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