Healthy greens

September 29, 2006

Stir Fry Greens

Stir fry greens is one of the easiest dishes to whip up. Most vegetables can be cooked this way. The best thing is a variety of greens and vegetables can be used and this dish can never, never be boring. In fact, the selection of vegetable I used for this dish is my favourite Peking Cabbage (very crunchy), dried wood fungus (for color and good for blood circulation), sugar snap peas (sweet), baby long beans (also very crunchy), carrots (vitamin for the eyes) and a bunch of enoki mushrooms (chewy and gathers gravy).
October 5, 2006

Semi-Vegetable Dhall Curry

Haze has definitely affected my diet. Vegetable is all I think about lately but then not enough to keep my tummy full, that explains me eating, munching, chomping the whole day through! My mom has this wonderful dhall curry which she loves! Very, very simple to make too!
May 28, 2007

Simple Chinese Stir-Fry Vegetables

I am not my usual self these 2 weeks but hopefully will be back on my cooking schedule soon. I should be getting sick of all the take-outs and restaurant food in due time. Took a short break to Penang right before the school holidays last week. I must have eaten almost everything I could get my hands on, from my all-time favourite shellfish the "Balitong" to the real "Penang curry mee". We tried this new restaurant at Gurney Drive, which is NOT difficult to find called "Bali Hai". It is well stock with live seafood from snow crabs, spider crabs, lobsters, geoducks and you-name-it shellfish, they've got it. Really fresh stuff! I must say.
November 5, 2007

Tomato Salad

Took a rather long stroll in a supermarket sometime last month, something I don't think I can achieve right now, not with my protruding belly and my ducky waddle. I had a relaxing time browsing over the fresh vegetables section. Tomatoes literally caught my eyes, they were in so many hues of colours and sizes, deep red, yellows, greens etc. You describe it and they might probably have it. So, I carted some tiny round organic ones, some oval yellow ones, 2 big juicy green ones, 2 big red tomatoes and some sprigs of fresh thyme.