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February 28, 2012
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April 11, 2012

This recipe is specially dedicated to a wonderful boy name Jaden. I have been experimenting with my new Electrolux pressure cooker for a while now. I always have the fear of using the stovetop pressure cooker that makes the horrid wheezing sound while it cooks. With this new toy, there is no such intimidation, so the food comes out safely from the kitchen and so does the cook.


600gm pork shoulder (sliced thickly about 1 1/2″ against the grain)
HUNT’s original barbeque sauce
250 ml water
2 medium size carrots
3 large potatoes (peeled and cut into chunks)
1 can of Marina green peas (drained)
olive oil
sea salt and pepper to taste
plain flour
red wine


  1. Marinade the pork shoulder with 4 Tbsp BBQ sauce. Sear the pork slices in some olive oil in a non-stick pan until slightly brown on the sides. Place all the pork slices into the slow cooker and add in 250ml of filtered water. Select high pressure  cooking for 8 minutes.
  2. Using the same non-stick pan, throw in the potato chunks and add 2 Tbsp BBQ sauce and saute them until they start to brown on the sides and add some water to allow the potatoes to cook through.
  3. Cut carrots to look like flowers when sliced and add into the chunks of potatoes. Stir for 5 more minutes then set potatoes and carrots aside.
  4. After the 8 minutes in the pressure cooker, allow the pressure cooker cool for the next 20 minutes without touching the steam valve.
  5. Open the pressure cooker lid and ladle out the pork juices. Put one ladle into the non-stick pan and sift in a Tbsp of plain flour. Using a wooden spoon, keep stirring the flour and adding the pork juices until it turns into a roux. Dilute the roux with more pork juices till it reaches the consistency of the gravy desired. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  6. Transfer all the pork from the pressure cooker into the pan full of gravy and pour in all the potatoes, carrots and green peas. Let the combination simmer for a whole 10 minutes and add in a dash of red wine right before serving.

Note : If your like the pork to be softer, set the pressure cooker for 10 minutes instead of 8. 


  1. Sawleng says:

    Thank you Audrey. Jaden and Jared love this pork stew. You gave Jaden a yummy birthday dinner. I am glad that Electrolux pressure cooker gives you a “moment to shine”.

  2. Sawleng says:

    Audrey, can I suggest that you include “print” icon for ease of printing your recipe and also the “FB, email, etc” icons for ease of sharing the great recipe with others?

  3. Evelyn says:

    He! He! Just passing by….

  4. pingmouse says:

    Audrey, i also have the same pressure cooker and am just starting to experiment with it. Do you have this problem… the meat texture at the top is slightly rougher than those at the bottom of the pot, eventhough I stir them halfway cooking? And sometimes there is the smell of the rubber in the food? Please share your experiences with this PC. TQ

    • Audrey Cooks says:

      Hi pingmouse, I am also experimenting with this new toy. Did you put in the required amount of liquid? and how long did you cook the meat? My cooker did not leave any rubber smell in the food tho.

  5. Pingmouse says:

    Audrey, I added enough liquid, sometimes too much. Eventhough there’s adequate liquid, the meat at the top somehow has a different texture from the meat at the bottom. Also I suspect the non-stick coating is contributing to the difference in the meat texture, compared to when cooking/braising in a stainless steel pot. You mean you never encountered any of these problems? Your meat turn out exactly the same as when cooking on the stove top?

  6. pingmouse says:

    Audrey, I always put in enough water, sometimes almost covering the meat. Somehow, the top part just dont have the same soft texture as the meat closest to the base of the pot. When I increase the cooking time after stirring them halfway, the soft meat becomes softer and the rough meat gets softer but still rough. You never get that at all?

    • Audrey Cooks says:

      I don’t seem to encounter this problem. In fact, the meat was thoroughly cooked through and very tender. The next time I cook it, i will keep an eye open. Will let you know Pingmouse.

  7. yen says:

    Hi there, I just bought a new electrolux pressure cooker but I have the phobia and not confident to start using it…since its my first time …can anyone out there advice me a simple dish for my trial run. As first timer i find too many gadgets to remember that is the fear
    Awaiting for response to my sos. Thank you

    • Audrey Cooks says:

      Yen, it is a pretty easy pressure cooker to use. I suggest you wash it and make a pot of soup for the first time. Try pork rib cabbage soup as per my recipe I posted. Blanche the pork ribs ( cut into 2 inches length sizes) to rid impurities. Put the ribs into the pressure cooker pot. Fill the pot with water until half full only, a spoonful of white peppercorns. Close the lid, lock it and make sure the pressure nozzle is correctly placed then select hi pressure, 30 mins, start. Do not open the cooker the minute it finish cooking. Wait 30 minutes before slowly releasing the nozzle for steam to escape. Then add salt to taste and cabbage. Serve. Hope this helps.

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