April 28, 2007

Wonton Skin Soup

Wonton is a well-known food enjoyed by people all around the world. Made popular by the Chinese, wonton can be savoured as a deep-fried crispy appetizer or as fusion tapas, blanche in soups and even as a dish itself in Dim Sum. The skin is usually use as a wrap but this time, I am eating it as a noodle in tasty home-made soup. It's lovely either way.
April 23, 2007

Braised ‘Nam Yue’ Pork Neck

April 19, 2007

Tom Yum Goong (Prawn Tom Yum)

This morning was perfect for my Tom Yum adventure in my kitchen. Sis took Mom to the Sungai Buloh plant nursery, hubby at work, daughter in playschool and I was in my darling kitchen enjoying my private time making Tom Yum Goong. Pure satisfaction! No interruptions, no phone calls, no renovation next door, just blissfully doing my stuffs. Don't get me wrong, I totally enjoy family and friends but sometimes, time set aside just for myself is also very important for my self rejuvenation.
April 17, 2007

Thot Man Pla (Thai Fish Cakes)

I will be making some non-spicy fish cakes followed closely with some spicy Thai ones. This way both young and old get to enjoy fish cakes of their choice. Keep in mind, this is not a very simple recipe. It takes a little more time to prepare then my usual stuffs I churn out daily but then again, it is worth every effort. That is why I make it in bulk, fish paste has many uses and can be stored refrigerated in an airtight container for a few days.