June 8, 2007

Malaysian Oxtail Soup

Last night, was one night to remember, dinner at one of 'Kuala Lumpur's well-sought-after' home bakers' home. Food was deliciously wonderful and company was ex-ordinarily interesting. All guests were from very different walks of life with something in common 'the love of FOOD'. A lovely bunch of interesting new friends have just evolved right in front of my eyes and not to forget those I have met earlier this year. Last night was for keeps!
June 3, 2007

Braised Beef Shin

Here's my first pre-natal recipe that I can bring myself to cook is "Braised Beef Shin". Beef shin has a soft chewy texture after braising thus making it a nutritious energy providing dish for weak expectant mothers, which at the same time also helps strengthen ligaments and joints.
May 28, 2007

Simple Chinese Stir-Fry Vegetables

I am not my usual self these 2 weeks but hopefully will be back on my cooking schedule soon. I should be getting sick of all the take-outs and restaurant food in due time. Took a short break to Penang right before the school holidays last week. I must have eaten almost everything I could get my hands on, from my all-time favourite shellfish the "Balitong" to the real "Penang curry mee". We tried this new restaurant at Gurney Drive, which is NOT difficult to find called "Bali Hai". It is well stock with live seafood from snow crabs, spider crabs, lobsters, geoducks and you-name-it shellfish, they've got it. Really fresh stuff! I must say.
May 2, 2007

Braised Pig Trotter with Dong Quai

This appetizing 'braise' has been nagging me since Chinese New Year when one of my sister-in-law bought an almost similar dish to reunion dinner this year. Labled in my mind as very rich in fats and flavour dish, I conveniently shoved it to the back of my mind but the craving seems to have won over the very weak mind lately.