November 21, 2007

Kiam Hu Kut Th’ng (Salted Fish Bones Soup)

A typical Penang Hokkien soup with salted fish bones and soft silken tofu that is bound to wet your appetite.
November 5, 2007

Tomato Salad

Took a rather long stroll in a supermarket sometime last month, something I don't think I can achieve right now, not with my protruding belly and my ducky waddle. I had a relaxing time browsing over the fresh vegetables section. Tomatoes literally caught my eyes, they were in so many hues of colours and sizes, deep red, yellows, greens etc. You describe it and they might probably have it. So, I carted some tiny round organic ones, some oval yellow ones, 2 big juicy green ones, 2 big red tomatoes and some sprigs of fresh thyme.
November 1, 2007

Cheese Crepes

I love eating home-made stuffs especially when I don't have to make them myself, but I guess this is only wishful thinking. If I eat this for breakfast in a cafe, I wonder how much it will cost me. As you can see later in the recipe, the cost for making this breakfast is pretty much very affordable.
October 24, 2007

Fruit Tart

Hubby brought home some fresh berries from Washington last month and I just cannot imagine what to do with them. It will be such a waste to make fruit jam out of them since they are so expensive after our exchange rates. However expensive though, they are still slightly cheaper than those sold in our Supermarts.