February 23, 2009

Nasi Kandar Fish Curry

For those of you who know that I love curries would probably be wondering why I have not been posting curry recipes. I have certainly cut down on curries and overly spicy food recently cos a friend of mine said if I don't, my taste buds might suffer in a long run. I very seldom cook this recipe cos I usually get my dose of 'Nasi Kandar Fish Curry' outside. Today, I feel inspired so here it is.
October 21, 2008

‘One Pot’ Meal

This is a dish from one of my many lazy day meals. Trying to relieve myself from the kitchen to concentrate on some more important issues like my daughter's desire to re-model her room. It's a great step for a 5 year old to migrate into her own room without making a fuss. Or could it be my son, giving her sleepless nights when he wakes up for his feed in the middle of the night. Well the truth is still yet to be revealed.
September 25, 2008

Plain Buttercake with Arabian Dates

This is the time of the year again where dates are in abundance. With the 'Hari Raya' just round the corner, what better time to make full use of these lovely fruits. I noticed that there are a lot of variety of dates on the shelves and got myself in a bit of a mess just deciding on what type to choose. I wanted the 'not so sweet' ones but ended up getting just that. Could not bring myself to eat them whole, just terribly sweet so I decided to put them in a cake.
September 23, 2008

Pork Chops with Brandied Liver Sauce

Collar steaks are my absolute favourite part when it comes to making pork chops. I tend to like my chops with a little more bite and slightly chewy. For those of you who prefer other parts, it is perfectly fine. Never think in a box when cooking. Be adventures! I love kitchen adventures. When it turns out well, rejoice! but if it fails 'there will always be a better next time.' Hahaha! Even I have my share of kitchen mishaps, yes even I......