Work Portfolio

This is a relatively new addition to my recipe website. As I mentioned before, food photography is a totally exhilarating new world, I have learned to enjoy snapping shots whenever something catches my attention. Some of the photos has no relevance to my recipe website, they are here to show you where I am heading.

I have done some of the small jobs for a food magazine called female APPETITE 2007/8 edition 4. Here, I was only asked to cook recipes that I was given and they did the food styling and photography. Later, I did another cooking sting for LIFE brand classic favourites where I came up with 6 of my own recipes and cooked for their photo shoot. My short term career had to take a hiatus when I conceived my second child right after that.

The time has finally come for me to pursue what I love doing. CSS short for cooking, styling and shooting.  I can be contacted at