Hi my name is Audrey, Cooks is not my surname but just something I enjoy doing. My world of blogging was ignited by my brother-in-law Jeffrey, who is the creator of my blog. Because of him, I am now happily blogging my heart and soul out about FOOD!


Recipe journaling has always been a huge part of my life, I have been journaling recipes since ‘God knows when’, hoping that one day I will be able to publish my very own recipe book for all to enjoy. Life is good with delicious hearty food but even greater when shared with family and friends. As for me, all I can clearly remember about my childhood evolves around good food, family gatherings and parties with friends. My maternal grandmother is a great Cantonese cook, excelling in traditional rich Cantonese cuisine. My mother, on the other hand loves Penang Nyonya delicacies, thus my love for Nyonya food is born.


Most of my recipes are handed down from my maternal grandmother, grandma-in-law (who lived her life as a Nyonya) and my wonderful mom who never cease to amaze me with her precise accurate memory when it comes to ingredients. A lot of my other food influence comes from my favourite magazines and cookbooks like Bon Appetit, Flavours, Delicious, Martha Stewart, Nigella Lawson, Kylie Kwong and many more.


I spend a lot of my time somewhere in my kitchen trying out new recipes, modifying some to suit my taste. Often in my recipes, I mention, a teaspoon here or a Tablespoon there merely means only a rough estimation. The most valuable thing I have acquired in my cooking journey is to rely a lot on my nose when baking and my taste buds when cooking.


I have wonderful plans for this humble blog of mine, as I see it come more alive with each post. In a way, it has indirectly inspired me to indulge myself in a related hobby, food photography. I never imagine that I would enjoy this new found hobby so much. It is so satisfying to see food from so many different angles until at times, I really could not bring myself to mess it up by eating it.


With limited time on my hands daily, apart from being a full-time mom, wife and daughter, I occasionally host baking and cooking workshops just to share life’s simple pleasures with others. Sharing what I find most gratifying, like when I am whipping up something from somewhere in my kitchen … a place where I actually let my imagination and creativity run wild and free because the end result would be a lovely pot of something that will usually bring pure satisfaction to my heart and soul.


Join me as I sail through this delicious food journey of mine … just remember …. “One step at a time, will fulfill a lifetime’s desire.”