Hi I’m Audrey!

Hi! I’m Audrey. I enjoy cooking and will just about try my hand in any type of dishes I fancy. What started out as a past time actually turned out quite the opposite. I thought I’ll just blog for a year and that would be it. Then suddenly, it took off and now I am 9 years down the road writing my recipes on cyberspace and enjoying every minute of it.
I see ‘audreycooks.com’ as a culinary adventure for me. Living in Malaysia has its priviledges. It exposes me to a wide variety of ethnic food. Malaysia is a multiracial country shared by indeginous groups ie. the Ibans, Bidayuh, Dayak, Penans etc…, Malays, Chinese and Indians. Together with their culture and lifestyle, we are very blessed to savour exceptionally authentic and delicious food all in our own country. As for me, food has been the ultimate drawing force behind my love for cooking. I enjoy whipping up dishes I cannot possibly find in restaurants and if I do, I’ll probably have to pay quite a bit for it. What better way to enjoy eating food from all over the world in the comfort of your own home? plus you can smell the aromas before the food hits the table. Thumbs up!