Anchovies Lamb Ribs

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August 14, 2008
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I was experimenting with marination when I suddenly got a brilliant idea. Why not marinade some meat with a can of anchovies? Thus the ‘Anchovies Lamb Ribs’ was born. The anchovies actually give the roast lamb ribs a lot of depth in taste and also in aroma.

I seriously feel that this is going to be one of my signature dishes. You see, I have been secretly rating my own recipes and I am really proud of this one. So, better try it and you shall not regret.


1 kg lamb ribs (approx. 11 – 12 rib bones, 5 – 6 inches in length each)
1 can of crown prince flat anchovies in olive oil
a dash of Lea & Perrin Sauce (or worchestershire sauce) or even both
2 Tbsp smoked hickory sauce
freshly ground pepper
2 sprigs of rosemary
olive oil
sea salt to taste


  1. Place anchovies in a bowl including its oil, the 3 sauces and black pepper. Mash them up into a paste.
  2. Marinate the ribs with the anchovies paste in a freezer bag. Leave in the fridge overnight.
  3. Ribs leave at room temperature before roasting. Crush rosemary leaves onto the ribs, sprinkle a little sea salt and a dash of olive oil.
  4. Super Roast at 200 degree celsius for 30 minutes for well done. 20 minutes for medium.
  5. Take out ribs and let it rest for 10 minutes before slicing to serve.

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